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Who Are We?


Kristy Greenardi

I am… Me, Kristy Greenardi. Creator. Artist. Barista.

Before coffee immersed itself into my life I was nothing. Not sure of anything. I didn’t know whom, how, what or why to be. I could feel something out there was searching for me but what was it?

It was coffee. Specialty Coffee. After existing in the corporate world, being enclosed in a small space my personality needed to break loose. I needed to break loose.

Here I enter, into a well known coffee franchise. I run my hand over the bench. The grind catches between my fingers. From that very first touch, I knew. The smell is intoxicating. Taking me places. Take me. Take me far.

All I can think about is coffee. All I can smell is coffee. All I can taste is coffee.

Latte art consumes me. Black coffee consumes me. Filter coffee consumes me.

My first coffee ink is documented. Left wrist. Love. Latte heart…

Thirst takes me to Melbourne. The culture surrounds me, convinces me to move forward into specialty coffee. I knew when I arrived home it would be another beginning...

A local roastery takes me in. I became a barista sista. Figuring out who I am, I began to amplify. Confidence. Passion. Strength. Pushing my boundaries.

I decide to push & enter Latte art competitions. Comps. Watching. Pressure. Ahhhhhh! Even though I won, twice, the pressure wasn’t for me.

I just want to make people happy. Love for the drug that pushes them. Love for the drug that pushes me.

Then along comes Beanscene national magazine… They publish my latte art. Mine. Me. Little old me. I must be all right? I feel proud!

Another ink documents my journey. Symbolises me. Who I represent. Once I was lost, wore a mask. When coffee found me, I was awoken from my slumbers.

So here I am, TCR for life. I’m going to do what I want, my way…


Jason Greenardi

Jason Greenardi, 18 years in the corporate world.

By the book.

Coffee was a hobby. An escape from the structure. Taking my first sip. Was it the first sip of my journey? Wanting the sweet, heavy mouth feel, it helps to let go.

Freestyle in the culture, taste, critiques. Kristy calls him a Greek god. Friends call him a snob. A coffee snob, that is.

Yearning for consistency, searching for the perfect cup, continual learning. Progressive. Where is the perfect cup? You tell me? TCR opening my own Espresso & Brew Bar is where it’s at. Well that’s what I think anyways…

Now, coffee is life.