Offical Launch Party @ TCR

Official Launch Party
The Chamber Room
Village Lane
Lake street 
Sunday 31st January 2016

Brewing Events include:
'Homie Brewers Smackdown'
'Latte Art Smackdown'

Homie brewers.. TCR invites you to show us ya stuff!! Bring yo mad skills to TCR & brew up a blizzard! 
TCR will provide a single origin (filter roast) for each brewer but it's your choice of method. 
Aeropress, Pourover, Syphon? 

Present your brew to the judges for tasting... 
The homie brewer with the most delish cup will win the title of the 'Homie Brewers Smackdown'!!

Latte Artists step forward. Don't be shy. It's time to bring it! Show us yo rad skills & compete in TCR's first 'Latte Art Smackdown'! 
This is your chance to get up close & personal with the machine used at the world barista championships. The Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric. Get creative.. Pour your signature latte art & show us who you are...

Brewers & Artists can register & find out more information at: 

The Chamber Room Espresso & Brew Bar   
Suite 43-47 Village Lane
20 Lake street

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jacob webb on 29 Jan 2016
Want to register for latte art smackdown

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