(*Due to unforseen circumstances we will not be offering Brew Skool classes until further notice*)


Brew Skool

The Chamber Room Brew Skool will give you inside access to open your world to Specialty Coffee Brewing. We take brewing seriously & our Skool is about learning, hands on!

Custom Brew Training

Doesn’t matter if you’re a homie or aspiring barista we can create a class just for you. Tell us what you want to learn & we will teach.

From filter brew methods & tea brewing to technical espresso or milk texturing & latte art.

Brew Skool Classes –

Aspire your Brew – 2hrs $250

Aspiring baristas who want to polish their skills on specific aspects of brewing. Starting with theory, we will then touch on the science of coffee including brew ratios, adjusting the grinder, dose, tamping action & milk texturing to create impressive latte art.

Perfect your Brew Homie – 1.5hrs $200

Homies just want a delicious coffee to kick start their brain so we will give you the basic knowledge. Why is my espresso watery one day & bitter the next? How much coffee do I put in the thingie? How hard should I push the coffee down? My milk is too frothy? Halp!!!

Latte Artist - 1hr $100

If you can pull the perfect espresso shot & texture milk to perfection but just can't quite pour any latte art, then this class will give you technique & precision. Please note you must have basic barista skills to enroll in this class...

Filter Brewing - 1hr $100

Do you want a wicked setup at home to create that perfect brew but not sure where to start? Or would you like to to know the difference between Pourover & Aeropress? 

Enroll in our Filter Brewing class, where we will teach you the science & technique to create a consistent brew!

VIP EVENTS – (from) 1hr $50

Check Facebook for events...